Non-Standard Installations -
additional charges may apply
Include but are not limited to:
Cable runs greater than 225ft WILL need a signal booster/extender (price to bd determined)

Multiple interior wall penetrations ($25 per wall)

Tri-mast installations higher than 22' above ground level - Typically requires special

Pole mounts ($85) - 36x10 inch hole, 120 lbs cement and 6-8 foot pole

Non-penetrating roof mount
           $149.95 for flat mount - 6 blocks included
           $299.95 for peak mount - 12 blocks included

Cinder blocks ($2.25 ea)

Chimney Mounts (Strap Design) ($85)

Difficulty in accessing the site ($$ to be determined by technician on site)

Excessive driving distances (more than 60 miles - $0.52 per mile - Installer Discretion)

Trenching beyond 30 feet - ($1.25 per ft)

PVC Conduit - $3.75 per 10ft (3/4 in) section
EMT Conduit - $8.25 per 10ft (3/4 in) section

Special cable (HDMI, DVI, RCA)

Crawl space or under building installation less than 32 inches or wet are  performed at
Technicianís discretion - 32 inches and taller and dry - $35 at Technicianís discretion

Attic installation - ($35 at Technicianís discretion)

Programming of Router - $35

ASK the Installer BEFORE any work begins about prices for extra work. 
This list is NOT inclusive and may include items NOT listed.  Ask the Technician BEFORE work begins