Frequently Asked Questions
1 - If I give you my email address, will I get SPAM?
Absolutely NOT! We will use your email address only to ask a question regarding an order we are processing for you, or confirm details of your shipment. We also may use your email address to keep you informed about the status of your account, and also to offer you unadvertised specials from time to time. We pledge to keep all your personal information private, and will never sell your email address or offer it in any way to any outside company or agency.

2 - What is your minimum order?
There is no minimum order.

3 - What is your backorder policy?
If you choose an item that is currently out of stock, or order a quantity of an item that exceeds the amount on hand, you will have the option to allow the item will be put on backorder, or you can adjust the order or remove the item from your order.

4 - What are your payment methods?
Our terms are MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Cashiers Check, US Money Order, Personal/Company Check or Paypal. 

5 - How can I run my satellite cable 250ft and still get signal?
The coax cable coming from the satellite dish can hold signal up until 150ft or so. We recommend using amplifiers to make up for the signal loss and extend the cable much further.

6 - I live in an apartment, what are my options for installing a satellite dish?
In an apartment or similar situation where mounting is limited, customers often use either a mount on the balcony, or a pole mount in the ground. For the balcony we recommend a non-penetrating FLAT mount, they are weighted by cinder blocks and do not damage the balcony.  4X4 wooden posts are not acceptable as they warp and turn over time, moving the sensitive satellite dish out of alignment.
Contact your Landlord/Property Manager for more information

Don't see your question?  Email it to us and we will research it and include it and send you a personal respond to your question.